Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. January 23, 1998
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IE4 Powertoys!
So, you like the Powertoys you have now? Who doesn't - what's not to like? But if you're a recent convert to Internet Explorer 4.0 we have some good news. Microsoft has just released a new version of their Powertoys, specifically for IE4! And this version is likely to make just as big an impact as the original.

Check out some of these add-ons:

Open Frame in New Window - Tired of HTML frames boxing you in? Ever wish you could see a page without all those annoying sidebars? Now you can! Just right-click anywhere in the frame you're interested in, and select Open in New Frame.

Quick Search - This PowerToy lets you reach the search engines of your choice faster than ever. For example, typing "av ActiveX" into the address bar launches a search with Alta Vista on the keyword "ActiveX."

Zoom In/Zoom Out - Get up close and personal. This PowerToy lets you zoom in and out of any image on a Web page. Just right-click on it and select Zoom In or Zoom Out.

Image Toggler - Now you can turn off images for extra speed, and turn them back on again, even more quickly and easily. Simply look for Toggle Images in the Links bar and click it.

Text Highlighter - This PowerToy lets you highlight text in a document just like you would in Microsoft Word. It's easy. Select your text, then right-click and choose Highlight. This tool is very useful for reading long documents.

Web Search - Here's another tool for searching faster than ever. With this PowerToy you can select keywords on a Web page, right-click, and and choose Web Search. Your selected words go directly to a default search engine.

Links List - Ever wish you could see all the links on a page? Just right-click anywhere and select Links Lists, and you'll get a new window with every link on the page in a convenient list format. Then just click any link to navigate.

No serious IE4 user should pass this one up - this is definitely a "must-have" set of add-on utilities for Internet Explorer 4.0. It even comes with a "new and improved" install routine so that you can select which individual tools you want to install.

Get them while they're hot - right now at: