Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. February 2, 1998
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Office 97 Service Release 1
If you're running Office 97, you might be interested in Microsoft's Service Release 1. The Office SR-1 is an update to Office 97 designed primarily for large organizations to address migration issues. The main benefit of the Office SR-1 is that it combines Office 97 product updates into one consolidated patch. The most significant component of the Office SR-1 is the new Word 6.0/95 Binary Converter for Word 97. Other components include several performance enhancements for the Outlook™ 97 desktop information manager and updated file viewers, converters and filters.

The Office SR-1 can be downloaded from Microsoft at:

If you're not sure you want it, or even need it, Microsoft has provided two documents, a Fact Sheet and a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

The SR-1 Fact Sheet can be seen at:

The SR-1 FAQ can be seen at: