Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. February 6, 1998
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Outlook Express
If you liked Internet Mail and News in Internet Explorer 3.0x, or if you've ever used Outlook in Office 97, you're going to love Outlook Express which is included in Internet Explorer 4.0. Outlook Express is your one-stop application for both Mail and News.

Microsoft Outlook Express puts the world of online communication on your desktop. Whether you want to exchange e-mail with colleagues and friends or join newsgroups to trade ideas and information, the tools are here. New features include:

Manage multiple mail and news accounts

Browse through messages quickly and easily

Keep your mail on a server so you can view it from more than one computer

Use the Address Book to store and retrieve e-mail addresses

Add a personal signature or stationery to your messages

Send and receive secure messages

Find newsgroups that interest you

View newsgroup threads efficiently

Download newsgroup messages for offline reading