Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. February 25, 1998
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Using IMN's Inbox Assistant
Do you regularly get mail that you'd like to automatically file in its own folder? How about spam (junk) mail, wouldn't it be nice to send it directly to the Recycle Bin without even having to read it? Filtering messages is easy in Internet Mail and News, you can capture messages based on who they're from, who they're addressed to, and even what they contain on the Subject line.

To filter incoming messages:

On the Mail menu, click Inbox Assistant.

Click Add.

Type the criteria you want the incoming message to match.

Click the folder you want the matching incoming messages moved to.

You can filter matching incoming messages to automatically go to your Deleted Items folder. Also, you can specify multiple rules for incoming messages.

To change the priority that messages are sorted in the list, click the up or down arrows next to the rules list to move the highest priority rules to the top and lowest to the bottom.

If an incoming message matches more than one rule, then it is sorted according to the first rule it matches in your list.