Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. March 6, 1998
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Turn any Folder into a Toolbar
To turn any folder on your system into a toolbar using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0:

Right-click a blank part of the taskbar.

From the menu, choose Toolbars and then choose New Toolbar.

Select the folder you want in the dialog box that appears. You can choose any folder on your hard disk or on a network drive, or choose utility folders such as Control Panel. A toolbar will appear with one icon for every file in the folder that you chose.

If, after creating some new toolbars you find that your screen is getting crowded, organize your desktop by moving and resizing the toolbars to fit your needs. Grab any toolbar by the double vertical line on the left end and drag it to any side of the screen, or move it to the middle of the screen where it will become a floating palette of tools that you can move and resize as you wish. You can also drag any toolbar away from the taskbar. If you need to work with a folder extensively, you can use the mouse to drag it away from the taskbar and place it on the desktop. When you want to place the floating toolbar back into the taskbar, just grab it with the mouse and drag it to the taskbar.

Note: This tip assumes you have Active Desktop installed.