Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. March 18, 1998
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Change Message List columns in IMN
You can setup your Message List pane to show as much or as little information as you want. Items available for display include From, To, Sent, Received, Subject and Size.

To add or remove columns in the message list

On the View menu, click Columns.

To add a column, click the column name in the Available Columns list, and then click Add.

To remove a column, click the column name in the Displayed Columns list, and then click Remove.

To change the order in which columns appear, click a column name, and then click Move Up or Move Down.

Here's an undocumented trick. Another way to change the order of the columns is to simply grab the title bar of the column you want to move (left-click and drag) and move it left or right, then drop it where you want it.