Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. March 27, 1998
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View folders as web pages
One of the benefits of Desktop Integration is the ability to make your folders behave like web pages. What's the advantage in this? Well, first of all your folders are now much more customizable. For instance, you can create unique HTML documents for folders, even including things like background images. Also, you can have all of the folder icons behave more like hyperlinks, so that a single click launches those items.

To try this, open any folder and choose View, Folder Options. Under the General tab select the Web-style radio button. Click on OK to record your changes. After you make this change, your folders will look more like Internet Explorer than just Explorer. You can select (or type in) a local address from the MSIE address bar to navigate there, whether it's a folder name or an internet URL, and all your icons will work with a single-click rather than a double-click. If you right-click inside a Web-View folder you'll see a menu option called Customize this Folder... containing more options.

Note: This tip assumes you have Active Desktop installed.