Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. April 13, 1998
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Browsing in Word
Have you tried Word 97's Browse button yet? If not, check it out. There are two buttons with double arrows in the right scroll bar, near the bottom: one pointing up and one pointing down. If you click on the down button, Word moves to the next page. If you click on the up button, Word moves to the previous page.

In Word 97, you'll see a button with a small round icon between these up and down buttons. This button lets you customize the way the double-arrow buttons search. Click on this button and the Select Browse Object Menu will appear. You can click on one of the menu buttons to assign the browse activity to the up and down buttons. For example, you can click on the Browse by Heading button to enable the up and down buttons to move to the previous and next headings. You'll find browse buttons in the menu buttons for Go To, Find, Edit, Heading, Graphic, Table, Field, Endnote, Footnote, Comment, Section, and Page.

Page is the default. So, when you finish browsing on some object other than Page, click on the button and choose Page to put Word back to its normal browse state.