Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. April 24, 1998
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Turn off Active Desktop
Active Desktop is great for a number of reasons, it gives you the ability to add HTML pages as backgrounds, live stock tickers, and Active Channels.

While all this funtionality may seem cool, it really gives the old hardware a workout, especially if you're running on a minimum configuration of a 486DX-66 with 16Mb RAM (24Mb RAM if you're running under NT 4.0). Opinions vary here, but to really get the most out of Active Desktop, you really should consider a Pentium (100MHz or better) with at least 32Mb RAM.

To disable the Active Desktop, simply right-click anywhere on the desktop, and select Active Desktop, then UNcheck View as Web Page from the pop-up menu. You can reverse the process to turn it back on later.

Another location where this setting can be found is in your Display applet in Control Panel (or right-click the desktop and choose Properties). Go to the Web tab and you'll see the same checkbox for View my Active Desktop as a web page.