Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. June 5, 1998
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The Outlook Express Easter Egg!
What would a major new release from Microsoft be without an Easter Egg (those hidden routines added in by the original programmers for their, and your amusement)? Outlook Express is no exception. To find it, do the following:

Open Outlook Express and click on the Compose Message button

On the menu, click on Format and make sure Rich Text (HTML) is enabled

Click in the body of the message to activate the Format bar.

Click in the Font selector but don't select anything. Instead, type in athena (all lowercase)

Press Enter

Close the compose message window and choose No if asked to save changes.

Go back to the main Outlook Express client. Now, here it doesn't matter whether you're setup to use the Outlook Bar (left pane icons), the Folder List (left pane folder view) or the Folder Bar (the grey drop-down list), but which ever one you use, go to it and select Outlook Express on it - it will be to entry on the very top of your choice.

When you see the main Outlook Express splash screen, move your mouse somewhere in the middle of the window, and click on any empty white space.

Type about

Watch the credits.

This is a "ho-hum" Easter Egg in our opinion, as there's really not much to it, but hey, it's something...