Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. June 26, 1998
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Change your Home Page
As always, Internet Explorer makes it easy for you to change your home page, the page that first appears whenever you fire up the browser. You can even specify a blank page if you want to. The benefit to this is, you don't have to be online and therefore, the browser will load that much faster.

Alternately, you can specify a custom page you created, and you can make it something useful, like a page filled with your favorite links.

To change your home page:

Go to the page you want to appear when you first start Internet Explorer.

On the View menu, click Internet Options.

Click the General tab.

In the Home page area, click Use Current orUse Blank.

If you want a custom page to become your home page, simply enter the local pathname in the Address box; eg. C:\Windows\ShellNew\mypage.html

Click OK.

To restore your original home page, click Use Default