Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. May 8, 2000
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Creating Object Groups
Access 2000 offers a new organizational feature--groups. Groups are objects that relate to one another in some way. For instance, you can create a group called Customers and gather all your database objects--tables, queries, forms, and reports--that pertain to your customers into that group. When you want to access a customer object, you need only click the Group icon to see them all.

To create a group, right-click the Groups button on the Object bar and choose New Group. Enter an appropriate name and click OK. Access will display that group name under the Groups icon. To add objects to the group, simply drag them from the Database window list to the appropriate group listing on the Object bar under the Groups icon.

All objects added to a group are available as part of the group and the appropriate object listing in the Database window. You don't actually move any object; you're just creating a shortcut to it. So all your tables, queries, forms, and reports are still listed together.