Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. May 18, 2000
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Adding Programs to the IE4/5 Links Bar
If you've ever wondered if ther's a way to add programs to the Links bar, then check this out. You know you can open Notepad from the Start menu, but it would be so much easier if you could just click an icon on the Links bar.

You can add almost anything to the Links bar. Since Notepad is what you want, let's look at how to add Notepad.

Run MSIE4/5 and choose Favorites--Organize Favorites from the drop down menus. When the Favorites window opens, double-click Links. Now, right-click in the Links window and choose New--Shortcut. This opens the Create Shortcut wizard. Click Browse and navigate to your Windows directory. Next, find notepad.exe and double-click its icon to close the Browse dialog box and set your command line to Notepad. Click Next to continue. Now, type a name for the new shortcut--Notepad--minus the EXE part--should do fine. Click Finish to complete your new shortcut. Back in the Organize Favorites window, click Close.

You will now have the Notepad icon in your Links bar, ready for quick use.