Here's our Hardware Tip for.. May 26, 2000
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The End Of ISA is Near--Part 1 of 5
According to reports, several PC makers should begin phasing out ISA expansion slots from their new PCs this year. New card-based products generally use the more efficient PCI bus, but ISA slots have lasted this long because of legacy hardware support. Unfortunately, the often-unused ISA slots have been taking up valuable space inside PC system units, and PC makers want to use that space for other purposes--or perhaps just slim down the PC case altogether. Over the next few days, we'll mention some ways in which the hardware upgrader should prepare for the death of ISA.

First, ask your salesperson about ISA slots in any new PC that you buy this year. Don't just assume they will be there as in the past. It's doubtful that PC manufacturers will trumpet this change to the PC configuration. If you're shopping online, check the complete specification sheet, which should describe the number and type of card slots.