Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. June 8, 2000
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Changing Printouts in Internet Explorer 5
Ever notice the information Internet Explorer 5 adds to your printouts? At the top and bottom of your page, you'll see information including the date and page address. You can change the info printed at the header and footer to suit yourself.

Select File, Page Setup. In the Header And Footer box, you can add or delete the variables displayed here to change what prints on the page. In addition, you can mix these with text. Here are a few variables and what the mean:

* Window title: &w * Page address: &u * Current page number: &p * Centered text (following &b): &b * Total number of pages: &P * Date in short format: &d * Date in long format: &D

When you finish, print the page by clicking Ctrl-P. Alternatively, choose File, Print, and click the OK button.